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MRC must love the Italeri Sea Hurricane

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It’s great to see Italeri release their 1/48 Sea Hurricane. It’s based on their previously released Hurricane Mk. I, which I published a build report for on The Sea Hurricane release adds some additional parts for the navalised additions to the basic Hurricane, and comes with six sets of markings. In comparing the photos of the Sea Hurricane sprues with the photos I made of the original release’s sprues, the common parts look to the be the same.

Here in the US, MRC distributes Italeri kits. They have it priced at $55, but I have seen it at the local hobby shop for $46.

Once built, it’s not a bad looking kit. But to be honest, it’s not a $55 kit. Not even really a $46 kit. (Don’t kill me, Mike….)

The interior, for that price point, is a bit weak. If it were a $25 kit, OK, no problem. But it is a bit anemic, even for a Barney Builder like me.

Additionally, the upper cowl part does not fit really well. Nothing that can’t be dealt with using basic modeling skills. Same with the wing to fuselage join, especially along the trailing edge. And there were some issues along the leading edge, too.

In the build report I published at the link above, I go over items like this in more detail.

But basically, this kit is way overpriced, in my opinion. It’s an MRC issue, I think, because Italeri’s website has it for $41. And I do see that shops in the UK and China selling items on ebay have them for sale in the low to mid $30’s. Of course, shipping puts it back up to the point that getting it locally makes more sense.

I know… I haven’t actually held the plastic. They do call these “improved molds”, so maybe I’m wrong. I hope so.

Eventually, I will get it, and I will build it, I suppose. I do like Sea Hurricanes. And I am curious enough to eventually spend the money to find out if I’m right or not. (Unless I can see one without buying it and decide that way!)

But it just kind of irks me, knowing that companies like Eduard will put out a great kit, pack it with p/e options, masks, and so forth and still sell it for less than $55. (Yes, the Sea Hurricane comes with a small p/e fret… which didn’t fit very well at all…)

It’s a value proposition, and unfortunately, in this case, I just don’t see the equation working out very well in my favor.

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