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You have to love short run kit instructions

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I’ve built more than enough Eastern-European, short run kits to know what I’m getting into with them. Lots of flash, lots of test-fitting, and at times, considerable aggravation. Yet for some reason i keep coming back for more. 🙂

I think what makes me laugh, though, are the instructions. It’s bad enough that the parts rarely fit together well. But you have to love the instructions.

I picture the same guy drawing them, for all of those short run companies. He looks at the part, looks at a drawing, and draws an arrow to the general area that the part goes. “You place it there. Approximately.” Because more often that not, that’s how it is. You know the general area it goes… the how is most often left up to you.

You gotta love a short run kit. 🙂

Now, hand me another one. I’ve got some flash to clean off before the test fitting starts.

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