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Please don’t paint the AVG spinners red

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I know, Monogram/Revell shows the spinner on their P-40B in AVG markings painted red. Modelers love to paint it red. I think I’ve even seen restored warbirds with it painted red.

But unlike many WWII color photos that are still open to interpretation, we have some wonderful shots of the AVG P-40Bs, and they clearly show that the spinner was not red. This is especially apparent because there was a fuselage stripe that was red, sharks tongue that was red, and on some birds, artwork that was red, and all of that red can clearly be contrasted to the spinner, which, as I’ve mentioned, was not red.

It was… err…. whatever that tan/dark earth/brown color was, DuPont something or other. But that’s a debate for another day and another blog.

What I can say with certainty was that the spinner was NOT red.

So just to reiterate. Spinners on the AVG birds were painted not red. Not red. Red it was not, to quote Yoda on the subject.

Not red.

So please, put away the red paint. Thank you for your support.

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