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Micro brushes for keeping your airbrush clean

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If you use an airbrush , you know how important it is to keep it clean. paint flows smoother, the action is better, and your airbrush will last much longer. I’ve found it’s not necessary to break down an airbrush every time it’s used, but I do make a habit of cleaning it thoroughly every few weeks.

Micro-Mark sells a 5-piece Micro Cleaning Brush Set that I have found to be indispensable for really cleaning every part of the airbrush. You have to be careful not to bend the wire handle of the brush, but with just a little cleaner (I prefer lacquer thinner) on the brushes, they will clean all the parts you simply can’t get to with normal cleaning.

I normally do a thorough job cleaning my airbrush after use, but even the most through cleaning will miss a lot, especially as paint builds up over time. The first time I used these brushes, I was amazed at how much build up there was internally.  It’s a great tool to have handy, and I highly recommend it!

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