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Fujimi’s 1/48 Spitfire Mk. Vb

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I finished the Fujimi Mk. Vb today. It’s not a bad kit at all. I’d read some pretty harsh criticism’s, but generally it was the usual rivet counter garbage. Rivet counters exist, I think, not to build models, but to be hyper-critical of models. It’s one thing to recognize where a kit may have shortcomings. Nothing wrong with that.

Take this kit for instance. The cockpit is not really realistic. The “all important” inverted gull-wing on the underside isn’t there. The wheel wells are not boxed in at all. The exhausts are anemic. Some of the surface detail is just wrong. I get all that. Rivet counting is not hard, really.

But I had fun building this. To be honest, I don’t care about the inaccuracies. Building a model airplane is about having fun. There’s enough garbage in this world to ruin your day- why let your hobby be one of them. And worse yet, why get on an internet forum and spew your disgust all over everyone else.

Just build it, I say. Have fun.

Like I did with this kit.

Decals are by Aeromaster. It’s built as a Mk. IIb. The only addition is a scratch-built Coffman bulge on the lower-right cowl. Paint is Tamiya, the XF-81, 82 and 83 colors, to be exact. I realized after I was done I forgot the yellow leading edges of the wings. Oh well.

I’m pretty happy with it, overall. It was a great little kit with no surprises or problems.

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