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Airfix’s 1/72 Spitfire Mk. Ia/IIa & 3D Kits LR conversion

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I’m building another of the 1/72nd scale new tool Spitfire Mk. I/II from Airfix. it’s such a pleasant little kit to build, and less than US$10.00, so why not build a few. Out f the box one can build a two bladed Mk. I, a three bladed Mk. I, or a Mk. II. And you can also build a Mk. Va from it, though that is not documented in the instructions.

A fairly new producer of after-market parts, 3D-Kits, has released a simple conversion set to crate a Spitfire LR (Long Range) Mk. IIa. These were Spitfires with a 70-gallon external tank permanently attached to the wing.  It did effect performance somewhat, but allowed these Spitfires to escort bombers on raids in 1941.

The parts are very simple- two halves of the tank, joined together and added to the Spitfire’s wing. 3D-Kits’ instructions clearly explain where to place it. And the set comes with two sets of markings for an LR Mk. IIa.

It’s a nice addition to add to my growing collection of 1/72 Spitfires.

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