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Top 10 Car Chases- I think not!

CNN has an article in which they list what is, supposedly, the Top 10 Car Chases from movies. Some of the choices I agree with… “Cannonball Run” and “The Road Warrior” being two of them. Some of the others, like “The Fast and the Furious”, which I’ve not seen, I can see how it would make the list by the reputation it has.

And I know any Top 10 list can be picked apart. But my problem is with two movies that aren’t on it.

First, “The Blues Brothers”. I can’t recall where I read it, but somewhere I saw that Jake and Elwood’s little tale destroyed more cars than any other movie. I don’t know if that’s correct or if it still holds true, but if you’ve seen the movie, that final chase scene- with police cars and motorcycles and country bands and Illinois Nazis…. is a classic.

Second, and most grievous an omission in my mind, is the absence of a movie that was nothing but a car chase. It crushed cars, spawned TV shows and characters, started automotive trends, and launched obscure movie quotes for years.

Smokey and The Bandit is not on the list.

In my mind, throw the list out.

If only the Blues Brothers was missing…. I might be able to let that slide. But Smokey and The Bandit? That movie showed car chase, redneck oriented entertainment would work. Dukes of Hazzard, anyone? And look at the sales of Pontiac’s black Trans Am with that giant Firebird decal on the hood…. through the roof. I still hear people quoting Jackie Gleason’s Smokey character even today, 30 years later.

It’s like compiling a list of golf movies and leaving Caddyshack off. (Although I can’t think of any golfing movies besides Caddyshack… maybe that one with the kid from Holes…. whatz his name…. Steve Beef or something….)

And they can’t claim that Smokey and The Bandit’s acting excluded it. I mean….. Cannonball Run made it. (Which also means you can’t exclude Burt Reynold’s movies either….)

Yes, there are more important things in the world. It’s just a silly list. And it’s on CNN…. so what should I expect, I guess?


I reject their list and replace it with my own. Smokey and the Bandit is number one. Followed by The Blues Brothers. The rest are just chasing those two.

1 thought on “Top 10 Car Chases- I think not!”

  1. Hrm, golf movies
    Tin Cup
    Legend of Bagger Vance

    Those are the ones that come to mind. Caddyshack 2 doesn’t count in my mind, or the Adam Sandler one with golf.

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